AutoSanitizer Dispenser

AutoSanitizer Refill

Our innovative Auto Janitizer System contains an automatic programmable dispenser and a range of formulations that provide an excellent solution for eliminating bad odour associated with frequently used public washrooms. Our system ensures that fixtures remain clean, deodorized and disinfected through a continuous programmed delivery. It cleans and reduces bacteria growth everywhere the water goes to help prevents scale build-up in drain pipes.

Auto Sanitizer System

Auto Sanitizer

The powerful cleaning formulas in the dispensers help eliminate bacteria and odors at the source, day and night.

Each system is designed to improve the overall cleanliness and image of any washroom, creating a hygienic and pleasing experience for washroom users.

AutoSanitizer Refills
Powerful formulas serve two distinct cleaning applications:

Purinel cleans and kills germs as well as prevents build-up of scale and hard water deposits in plumbing.

Purinel Mandarin cleans the fixture surfaces and produces a pleasant scent emanating from the fixture.

Bio-Purinel cleans and keeps pipes, traps, drains and septic tanks free of blockages and uric scale build-up.

Purinel Descaler for effective removal of limescale build-up.