Careful hand drying is also critical.Hand Drying is as important as Hand Washing.
Why go to the lengths of washing your hands if you're not going to dry them? When you have washed your hands you need to DRY - this is just part of the procedure to have Clean Hands
How to Hand Dry
The drying process simply finishes off the washing process.
The hands should be rubbed and dried thoroughly to remove any remaining bacteria and dead skin cells.
  Bigflow sensor hand dryer.
White ABS casing
  Bigflow sensor hand dryer.
White epoxy finished steel casing.
Bigflow sensor hand dryer.
Satin finished stainless steel casing
Bigflow sensor hand dryer.
Polish finished stainless steel casing


Hand dryer with a vandal-proof casing, available in injected aluminium or in stainless steel. It operates without resistance with a drying time of 12 seconds and electricity consumption of 1.100 W. It is activated automatically by means of infrared sensors and has automatic stop function 30 seconds after activating. It includes an anti-microbial additive "“SteriTouch- designed to reduce the growth of harmful organisms such as bacteria, mildew and fungi. The finishes available are: satin chrome, white epoxy and gloss chrome.


V-Jet automatic hand dryer.
ALUMINIUM color ABS casing
(satin finished grey)
V-Jet automatic hand dryer. SNOW WHITE color ABS casing (white color)
V-Jet automatic hand dryer. Color ABS casing
(see color range)