Paper Product Refills

Our Range of Toilet Tissue Rolls

Toilet Tissue acts as a layer of protection for the hands while using washroom. Toilet tissue is typically sold as a long strip of perforated paper wrapped around a cardboard core, to be stored in a dispenser adjacent to a toilet.

Model: Jumbo Roll
Type: Small / Big core
Capacity: 150 Mts

Toilet Tissue Rolls

Model: Toilet Roll
Type: Pack of 12 Rolls

Model: Jumbo Roll
Type: Big Core
Capacity: 250 Mts

Paper Towel

Kitchen Roll

Model: Multi- Fold Hand Towel
Capacity: 400 Sheets

Model: Center Feed
Type: Without Core
Capacity: 387 Sheets
                  880 Sheets
Model: Kitchen Towel
Type: With Core
Capacity: 525 Sheets
                  572 Sheets