Toilet Seat Cleaner Dispenser

Safe Touch Seat Sanitizer Refills  400ml

The toilet seat cleaner foam gives your restroom users the peace of mind that the seat is germ-free before sitting down.
The TC Toilet Seat Cleaner is a gentle foam cleaner that is more hygienic than paper seat covers, and reduces waste associated with covers that can cause plumbing or slip and fall problems. The specially designed toilet seat cleaner formula evaporates instantly with no irritation to skin.

The Safe Touch cleaning formulation is effective against all harmful bacteria commonly found on and around toilet fixtures.

Each cartridge dispenses 1000 shots of foam.

It is a dry foam, 99% biodegradable solution that is slow to absorb on the tissue but evaporates fast on the seat or handle. It’s light and pleasant fragrance reinforces its cleaning properties.

Toilet Seat Cleaner Your Problem:

Bacteria and germs can survive for hours on a toilet seat, being both off-putting to users, and potentially harmful to their health.

Our Solution: Toilet Seat Cleaner offers an easy to apply and a quick to dry alcohol-based formula, which cleans toilet seats in seconds, killing germs and preventing them from spreading.

Choose your refill: Description Dose Clean Seat Foam refill 0.4ml Just dispense the solution on a toilet tissue, and then wipe the surfaces clean. Handle and seat are hygienic and ready for use in seconds.

How to use: Features & Benefits Customer Satisfaction, no Harmful and infectious germs and bacteria can survive for hours on a toilet seat - reassure toilet users by ensuring clean, hygienic and safe toilet seats and handles in one easy step:

Simply spray the solution on toilet tissue and wipe surfaces clean, killing bacteria (including E.Coli), fungi and viruses.

Efficiency: The SafeTouch dispenser has antimicrobial technology incorporated into its dispensing push lever, making it safe to touch by killing microbes instantly on contact and breaking the transition path of diseases.

DESIGN: Available in 400ml foam or spray formulas, each refill pouch comes with a patented Clean Clic® connecter which closes after every activation, thus efficiently preventing leakages, easy to service and reduces waste.

Safe Touch Seat Sanitizer  (400ml )

Safe Touch seat