BIGFLOW Hand Dryer – White Steel Casing


  • Powered by electronic sensor
  • Sturdy & vandal proof
  • Estimated drying time: 40 sec.
  • Dimensions: 323 height x 253 width x 152 depth (mm)

Additional information

Product Highlight

∙ Hand dryer with electronic sensor.
∙ Model for mounting on the surface.
∙ Stainless steel sheet housing white finish. Also available in satin finish (NOFER 01451.S) and gloss finish (NOFER 01451.B).
∙ Suitable for collectivities and designed for high traffic bathroom and continuous use.
∙ Robust, anti-vandal and safe because it is built without sharp edges or other dangerous elements.
∙ In accordance with LVD and EMC standards and the current European directives.

Technical Specifications

∙ White finish stainless steel cover manufactured in one piece (thickness=1,2 mm).
∙ Protection grid made in polycarbonate. Fire-resistant plastic evolute.
∙ Wall fixation by 4 drills (Ø 8 mm). Fixing material included.
∙ Electronic Infrared sensor that stops the function when the hands leave the active range.
∙ Air temperature (room temperature de 20ºC): 60ºC.
∙ Universal motor without brushes (maintenance not needed).
∙ Motor speed 2800 r.p.m.
∙ Air flow 4000 l/min (240 m3 /h) speed 65 Km/h.
∙ Total power 2050 W.
∙ Motor power: 110 W.
∙ Voltage/Frequency: 220-240 V – 50/60 Hz.
∙ Electrical isolation: Class II.
∙ Sensor sensitivity: 8-50 cm.
∙ Overheating resistance thermostat (automatic rearmament).
∙ Thermal fuse double security adjusted to 133ºC.
∙ Sensor distance: 0-20 cm (regulation not possible).
∙ Maximum consumption 9 A.
∙ Noise level from 2 meters: 60 dBA.
∙ Protection index: IPX1.
∙ Dimensions: 323 height x 253 width x 152 depth (mm).
∙ Net weigh: 3,4 kg.
∙ Function: place your hands under the appliance. The hand dryer will start automatically and it continues working while the hands are within the active range. The device switches off after a few seconds of removal.
∙ Cleaning: we recommend cleaning with a cotton cloth slightly moistened with a soap solution. Then dry it.
∙ Estimated drying time: 40 seconds.

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