V-JET Triblade Hand Dryer – ABS Casing White


  • Automatic air injected
  • High performance and efficiency
  • Robust – Anti-vandalism – Safe
  • Estimated drying time: 10-15 sec
  • Dimensions: 617 height x 300 width x 195 depth (mm)

Additional information

Product Highlight

∙ High range of hand dryer. It works with air currents at high speed without using hot air distributed in two injection lines.
∙ High performance and efficiency. Consumes up to 85% less than others hand dryers.
∙ Microban® Antibacterial protection included in the plastic at the point of manufacture.
∙ Ion Shield® and ZeroSmell® system CK1 gel odor neutralizer optional.
∙ With water tank and dust filter included. Optional HEPA filter.
∙ Includes a cleaning brush to prevent or solve blockage problems produced by dirt.
∙ Suitable for collectivities and places of very high frequency of use.
∙ Robust, anti-vandalism and safe because it’s built without sharp edges or other dangerous elements.
∙ In accordance with European safety directives (EC)

Technical Specifications

∙ Exterior Shell and water tank made of high impact ABS of 2,6 mm thickness.
∙ Exit temperature of the air at an ambient temperature of 20ºC.
∙ 2 universal type motors with brushes (maintenance required).
∙ Motor speed of 30000 r.p.m.
∙ Air speed: 370 km/h.
∙ Total power of 1760 W.
∙ Motor power: 1760 W.
∙ Voltage/Frequency: 220-240 V – 50/60 Hz. 110/120 V version available (consult).
∙ Electric isolated: Class II.
∙ Automatic stop due to vandalism.
∙ Maximum consume of 8 A.
∙ Audible pressure at 2 meters: 70 dBA.
∙ Index protection: IPX1.
∙ Dimensions: 617 height x 300 width x 195 depth (mm).
∙ Weight: 9,55 kg.
∙ Function: place your hands in the inner channel of the device, without the need to move them.
∙ Cleaning: is recommended with a cotton cloth slightly moistened in a soapy solution. Then, dry it.
∙ Estimated drying time: 10-15 seconds.

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