1200 ml Vertical Satin Finished Stainless Steel Dispenser


  • Surface mounted dispenser
  • Dispenser activated by a push button
  • Durable & resistant to corrosion
  • Dimensions: 207 height x 122 width x 135 depth (mm)
  • Refill: 5Lt Gallon for Soap, Liquid/ Gel Sanitizer available upon request

Additional information

Product Highlight

∙ Soap dispenser with push button for wall installation.
∙ Activation with push button.
∙ Suitable for public places.
∙ Stainless steel sheet housing satin finish. Also available in gloss finish.
∙ Durability and resistance to corrosion.
∙ Robust, anti-vandalism and manufactured without edges or sharp edges for safety in use.

Technical Specifications

∙ Made of AISI 304 stainless steel satin finished, one piece housing and 1 mm thickness.
∙ Capacity: 1,2 liters. Refillable.
∙ Top-level security filling using special key supplied.
∙ Installation: 3 hidden points for fixing to the wall. Screws included.
∙ Chromed brass push button.
∙ Anti-vandalism visor with polycarbonate content.
∙ Dimensions: 207 height x 122 width x 135 depth (mm).
∙ Weight (empty): 0,7 kg.
∙ Quantity expended per pulse: 1,1 ml.
∙ Recommended height of installation on countertop: 120 – 200 mm.
∙ Suitable for all types of soaps (except surgical).
∙ Maintenance: stainless steel needs maintenance because dust can eventually damage the chromium (Cr) content in stainless steel. We
recommend monthly cleaning with a stainless steel special cleaner.

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